Nothing is more rewarding than participating or following a karaoke competition. You can make new friends, reduce stress or have a good time, but that’s not all. X-factor, for instance, pulled one off, it was so popular that pubs and bars try to emulate them. In trying to do so, they make some laughable blunders while others succeed. Either way, they attract more people to their venues.

Here, we have a list of things to consider while organising a full proof karaoke contest – a recipe for a publicity stunt.

Choose categories wisely

Are you interested in attracting a young crowd or a middle-aged one? By default, you will have more success with a younger crowd, but there is no harm in mixing things up. Select music categories that tend to attract the age group of your choice, then kick-start the registration process. After that, begin the awareness campaign and carry for an extended period.

How are you going to fund the event?

No business wants to make a daring PR move like this and end up with losses. So, make the contestants pay a small fee of say 5 Euros, or better still, have a donation button on your site. You will probably collect more funds this way compared to fixed amounts.


Do you have the right stuff for the job? Surprisingly, regular speakers do not work well with live sound. Therefore, consult experts for the list of necessary equipment. They’ll not only deliver quality sound and video, but you will also give all the contestants a fair chance.

Judges and Prizes

Judges can make or break the event – choose them carefully. The idea is to hire people who don’t have any particular interest in the contestants. Additionally, there is a need to plan for the prizes. Some people do not care about them, but they sure do motivate people to join in.